Sex Toys trouble-free

Adult Toys trouble-free

Whether you are flying alone or travelling with a spouse, bringing adult toys with you can go a long way in ensuring that you have memorable sex moments while away. However, travelling with adult toys can sometimes present unique challenges, especially with respect to how to effectively pack them and what to do in case your bag gets searched. Here is an overview of a few ways to make travelling with these important gadgets easier:

1. Remove Batteries

To prevent vibes from turning on accidentally, endeavor to remove batteries if the toys you have packed are battery-powered. Alternatively, you can lock them to ensure that they don’t turn on if their buttons are accidentally pushed.

2. Pack the toys in clear plastic bag

In this way, if your suitcase is inspected, nobody gets to actually touch your precious Wild Secrets Sex toys.

3. Mind your toys’ sizes

The size of your adult toys matters a lot. In most countries, anything that’s more than 7 inches will be flagged as a club or baton and won’t be allowed in your carry-on/luggage. Unless you cannot live without it, leave your bigger toys at home.

4. Pack the toys between other items

Instead of letting your adult toys roam freely in your luggage, pack it in a plastic bag or a nice carrying case and place it between layers of clothing. This way, you will have time to explain that you are carrying a private accessory should your bag be searched.
Bottom Line

Travelling with your adult toys shouldn’t give you headaches. Well, there’s some degree of embarrassment but considering that sex toys are widely used today, it shouldn’t be all that surprising to own one. In fact, when somebody finds you with it, you don’t to need worry at all; juts focus on the fabulous getaway that awaits you after all is said and done.

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